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18 January 2006 @ 08:57 am
        Betty is 20 years of age & currently resides in the greater south Jersey area. "Betty" isn't her real name (shock, shock). She's got the most amazing boyfriend in the world, who metaphorically gnaws on her brain from time to time. She's a mall employee with habits unbecoming other "model employees". She's painfully self-aware and possibly damaging to your health. Proceed with caution and keep your hands & other appendages out of the cage. Thank you!

        This journal isn't just my livejournal, it's my personal journal. I still keep many-a-paper journal, but often prefer to type and to communicate with the elite select few I have friended here. Just like you, I enjoy killing time on 'teh interweb'. Want to read this? Comment, introduce yourself if you feel so motivated as well. I like knowing who wants to know me. Cheers!

RESOURCES : peoplemachines | reversescollide | the fulcrum | gender | famfamfam
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Listening: geneva "dead giveaway"